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Collective Real Estate Ownership


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Collective real estate ownership by Engel & Völkers is a real estate program that is changing the way people buy and sell real estate. 

Collective Real Estate Ownership can be both practical and fun, allowing collective owners to enjoy the benefits of participating in quality real estate projects in which they may not otherwise have been able to participate.  Now you can collectively own high demand properties where you want to live, work, and vacation. 

 Say hello to a new way of owning real estate    

 What is Collective Real Estate Ownership by Engel & Völkers?

Collective Real Estate Ownership by Engel & Völkers is a program that has been designed to help you participate in real estate ownership on a scale you can afford but in a style that spares you the difficulties and headaches innate to owning prime real estate       

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 What are the benefits of Collective Real Estate Ownership?

The benefits of collective ownership are allowing home buyers and real estate investors the opportunity to buy into real estate to which they ordinarily would not have had access.

1. Leverage of your money.  Want to buy into a vacation home in Key West but only have $300,000?  Ordinarily that would not get you very far with skyrocketing home prices. However, with collective ownership you can buy into a home along with four or more individuals that collectively allows you to purchase the home of your dreams, a home that you otherwise would not have had the opportunity to buy.

2. Streamlined management.  Engel & Völkers provides world class management services for the home buying and home ownership process to be handled seamlessly.  We will take care of all the needs of the collective owners for the management of the collective asset to be a pleasant and joyful experience.

3. Sellers of high valued homes now have access to a pool of buyers that no other real estate company offers. Properties that are considered high dollar investments have seen a slowdown in sales and have been sitting on the market longer.  By listing your property with Engel & Völkers you now have access to a group of buyers to which you ordinarily would not have had the opportunity to connect with.

4. Access to real estate investments that were previously unattainable. Have you watched those real estate investing shows? Wish that you could invest in real estate however, realized you didn’t have the time nor the money to invest in real estate on your own?  With the Collective Ownership Portal, you can pursue different types of real estate opportunities and choose the ones that best meet your investment needs.  With one click you will become a limited partner in a real estate deal and wait for the profits to roll in.  Experienced general partners will be there to manage and execute the successful completion of your investment.

5. Developers and experienced general partners now have access to a group of investors. The Collective Ownership Portal is a one stop shop to a complete and extensive underwriting program that will create, verify, and manage your whole project financing needs. This includes the legal documentation that would normally cost thousands of dollars. For a relatively small cost you can get your project financed quickly and successfully.

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  • If you decide to participate in Collective Real Estate Ownership you become a member in a limited liability company that acquires and operates the property.  Members are entitled to receive cashflow plus a pro rata portion of the profit when the property is sold.
  • The sponsors will manage the property and receive fees and a “carried interest” in the property, which will be documented in an operating agreement.  

 Collective Real Estate Ownership involves investing in a private offering that is exempt from SEC regulation under the JOBS act.  For more information visit U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission